"We have been clients of David Kallman for several years. I have watched him work tirelessly to advocate for handicapped, foster, and adoptive children and their families, and can attest to his dedication, integrity, and excellent understanding of the law. David Kallman cares about his clients and their legal issues, and works diligently to get results."

Ann M.

"I hired David Kallman in a legal battle that I had been fighting for years. He did for me what other attorneys couldn't do. He brought closure on a case that had been in the system way too long. Having gone through two attorneys before him, I was losing faith in attorneys as a whole. But we won the case and I feel it is all due to his integrity and ethics. I can honestly say this is an attorney I would highly recommend to anyone. Mr. Kallman went above and beyond the call of duty. For that I am truly grateful. This man was a blessing to me and my family!"

Melissa M.